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Business Representation

Towson Business Lawyer

Nate Risch serves as outside general counsel to local businesses in Baltimore County, Baltimore City and the surrounding areas. He provides a tailored, practical approach to the representation of each of his clients. He provides advice to help you manage and grow your business. If a problem arises that cannot be resolved prior to legal action, we will provide experienced representation in mediation, arbitration and court, if necessary.


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Whether you are starting your new business or running a multi-million dollar business with decades of experience, it is critical that you get competent legal advice. In today’s world, the worlds of business and law constantly intersect. Our practical approach offers your business competent advice through a cost-effective approach. The best service that we can provide your business is to advise you on how to avoid a problem before it becomes a problem. Unfortunately, the problem cannot always be avoided. In those cases, we can zealously represent you in your dispute. 

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