How Do I Obtain a Private Defense Lawyer If I’m Charged with a Crime?

How Do I Obtain a Private Defense Lawyer If I’m Charged with a Crime?

If you are charged with a serious crime in Maryland, it is crucial that you have skilled legal counsel on your side. When charged with a crime, a public defender can be appointed by the court to represent you in your case, depending on your unique circumstances. However, you may also hire a private attorney who can offer you personal representation. Below, the team of Towson criminal defense lawyers at Mann & Risch answer your questions about private defense lawyers and how to go about seeking legal counsel.

The Difference Between a Public Defender and a Private Attorney

When charged will a crime, it’s normal to feel lost and not know where to turn. However, it’s important to know that, no matter the criminal offense you were charged with, you have the right to an attorney. The United States Constitution provides the right to an attorney in criminal cases. Further, you have the option to hire a public offender or a private attorney.

A public defender:
Is appointed by the court to represent you in your unique case.
Is not automatically assigned to you in your case. You will need to request to the court that a public defender be appointed.
Is reserved for individuals who lack the means to hire a private attorney.

A private attorney:
Is not appointed by the courts. Instead, you must obtain a private attorney yourself to represent you in your case.
Can have varying rates depending on the firm you hire.
Is an option for individuals who are not eligible for public defenders.

The Benefits of Hiring a Private Attorney

There are myriad benefits to choosing the private representation route. The ability to choose your own private attorney who aligns with your values can bring more peace of mind than being appointed a public defender whom you did not personally choose.

It’s also important to look for a private attorney who has experience representing defendants in similar situations. When searching for a suitable attorney, consider looking for attorneys who specialize in offering representation for the unique criminal offense you’ve been charged with. For example, if you have been charged with a robbery in Towson, ensure you are hiring a private attorney who has experience representing individuals charged with committing robberies in the state of Maryland. This will best ensure they have the legal expertise necessary to offer you quality representation, and that they are familiar with the area’s local procedures, prosecutors and police officers.

Interested in Obtaining a Private Defense Lawyer? Contact Mann & Risch LLC

Everyone charged with a criminal offense has the right to an attorney. Our reputable legal team at Mann & Risch has years of experience representing individuals in need of criminal defense. We have successfully defended individuals who were charged with crimes including:
Drug possession
Theft, Robbery or Burglary
Gun Charges
Sex Offenses
Murder or Attempted Murder

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