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Business Disputes Baltimore - Mann & Risch

When disputes occur in business, our attorneys protect our client's interests both in and out of the courtroom. Whether you own a one person business or have a staff of employees, you know that the key to a successful business is operating in an efficient and effective manner. Your resources should be focused on growing your business and not resolving the disputes that arise along the way.

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At Mann & Risch, our attorneys will work with you from the initial investigation to the final resolution to develop and implement a common sense plan to address the issues. To develop that plan, we combine dispute resolution skills, business acumen, and a common sense understanding of the issues presented in a specific matter. To implement that plan, we are prepared to negotiate with the adverse party and, if necessary to litigate the case in court, undertake arbitration, or utilize an alternative dispute resolution method. Our approach cultivates strong client relationships and strives to get the client the best results available.


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